Bent River Machine Inc. specializes in single-source manufacturing and design of parts, products, assemblies, and automation solutions. We can deliver everything from turnkey solutions to prototypes, parts, and sub-assemblies that meet your specifications. In an effort to focus on our client’s goals, Bent River Machine Inc. only takes on six to ten automation and integration projects each year, providing step-by-step support. We are proud to be a woman-owned small business, exceeding our clients’ expectations with state-of-the-art technology, an ISO 9001 quality management system, and the most valuable employees in the region.

When you rely on Bent River Machine as your contract manufacturer, you benefit from our services, certifications, and experience. We offer various capabilities, from cutting to inspection and palletizing, following a standardized procedure to understand your requirements and meet your goals.

Benefits of Working With Bent River

Before we sell a product to our clients, we follow a multi-step process to ensure it is ready for our clients to use seamlessly. Our manufacturing process includes assembly, inspection, testing, packaging, and palletization. Automation offers various benefits, including improving productivity, quality, and consistency of product manufacturing. An automated system can reduce manufacturing costs and waste while making working conditions safer for staff. We ensure that our products deliver the optimum benefits to our clients.

At Bent River Machine, we can ensure our clients’ products are ready for sale with the following services:

  • Robotics
  • System Integration
  • Automation
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Specialized Machines
  • Material Handling

Our Commercial Contract Manufacturing Capabilities

At Bent River Machine, we collaborate with our onsite fabrication, quality, planning, and logistics teams to ask the appropriate questions and review the risks. An example of our collaborative capabilities is when our team worked with a moving window and glass wall manufacturer to reduce their extrusion-cutting process’s material waste and inefficiency.

Our team collaborated with the manufacturer to solve inefficiencies and meet the company’s needs. We designed an automated saw with a vision system to detect the finish and shape of the extrusion. An operator loads the saw with extrusions, and the saw will automatically cut the pieces to length and label them with a barcode for ease of identification. Upon receiving the final product, the company ordered six more machines with minor adjustments to increase operator involvement.

Our contract manufacturing services for commercial companies include:

  • Inspection and testing equipment
  • Orientation
  • Assembly
  • Safety
  • Kitting and part presenting
  • Material handling
  • Conveyance

Our Process

When a customer provides drawings, the Bent River Machine team will review them in detail to ensure our team understands the client’s needs and provides accurate quotes. We work with the client to ensure our manufacturing process meets their requirements and production goals and complies with strict standard operating procedures.

Commercial Contract Manufacturing by Bent River

Bent River’s size and ISO Certification allows us to design a product nimbly, quickly and tailored to our customer’s needs. The end result is a product that responds to a rapidly changing commercial market so our customer can focus on their particular competency or further technology development.

Bent River Machine is presently involved with companies in a contract manufacturing relationship in various industries, both front end and back end. Outside of the Commercial Industry, we have also worked with the food industry, semiconductor, medical, technology and the solar industry. With a comprehensive group of project managers, technicians, and engineers to support us, we can handle any project that comes through our doors.

Contact us to speak with a team member about your contract manufacturing requirements.