Bent River Machine’s lamination services are crucial to a wide variety of applications, from displays and semiconductors to space-grade solar panels and electronics. Our contract lamination services allow clients to customize the process and laminations they need to achieve their product development goals. Learn more about our custom lamination solutions, the industries we serve, and the benefits of working with us for your R&D project.

Custom Lamination Solutions

Contract lamination is most often used for customers in the R&D stage of product development. Before investing in their own tooling equipment and custom manufacturing line, they must have finished samples of their products for durability testing, run cycle testing, proof of concept, and other purposes.

Our lamination process development is designed to develop the unique manufacturing process of our customers’ products. Benefits of our custom contract lamination services include:

  • Low quantities
  • High complexity
  • Various materials
  • Maximum experimentation

The highly customizable parameters of our process allow us to use a variety of input materials (up to 28” by 28” in size). Customers don’t need any prior knowledge of the lamination process—just a materials list and material data sheet to begin.
If the client already has input materials and a recipe, the contract lamination process is straightforward:

  1. Ensure NDAs are in place to protect proprietary information on both sides.
  2. Initial meetings to ensure Bent River understands the customer’s expected deliverables and outcomes.
  3. Customers provide their lamination layup and the desired process steps for the recipe. If customers want to come onsite, they’re always welcome.
  4. Bent River technicians program the laminator with the client’s recipe.
  5. We then run the lamination process according to the process steps.
  6. Bent River delivers the final laminated products to the customer.

If customers don’t yet have input materials or a process recipe, they can first use our lamination process development service, where we work closely together to develop the right contract lamination process for their product goals.

Advanced Lamination Technology for Multiple Industries

Bent River’s lamination technologies are used in diverse industries, such as:

  • Solar: Lamination is critical for maintaining solar cell longevity. Encapsulating solar cells in lamination is a critical step in photovoltaic solar panel manufacturing, protecting solar panel modules from harsh weather, impacts, and other environmental factors.
  • Semiconductors: Microchips and other electrical components require lamination to create the multilayer structures that protect and insulate sensitive electronics.
  • LED: To improve optical performance and durability, LED screens must be laminated.
  • Optics: Lenses, filters, prisms, mirrors, and diffusers are laminated to increase optical efficiency and create more intricate optical components that aren’t normally feasible with other manufacturing processes.
  • Glass: Glass manufacturers use several kinds of laminated glass to create impact-resistant products, such as car windshields and storm windows.
  • Coatings: Coatings use lamination technology for protection and decoration, improving the substrate’s durability and resistance to scratches and chemicals.
  • Film: Laminated multilayer films offer ideal properties for packaging, protecting, and preserving food, medical, and industrial products.
  • Flat panel display: Display manufacturers rely on lamination to make their products more durable, increase brightness, and widen viewing angles.

Benefits of Bent River Machine’s Contract Lamination Service

If you work with Bent River Machine for your contract lamination needs, you’ll benefit in these ways:

  • Improved product durability and reliability
  • Enhanced product performance
  • Reduced production costs
  • Shorter lead times
  • Increased flexibility in product design and customization

Why Choose Bent River Machine?

We provide a complete turnkey experience for our customers. Bent River’s contract lamination services provide each customer with:

  • Experience and expertise in lamination services
  • State-of-the-art equipment and facilities
  • Commitment to quality and customer satisfaction
  • Collaborative approach to problem-solving and project management

Your Partner for Superior Lamination Services

Bent River Machine specializes in a wide range of lamination materials and techniques, allowing us to serve a broad range of industries. Customers eager to move from R&D to manufacturing depend on our contract lamination services to deliver functional products that allow them to begin full production runs.

We take the time to learn your exact lamination needs, working with your team to develop exactly the right custom lamination process for you. Contact us with any inquiries about our contract lamination services.