Bent River Machine specializes in lamination services for products across various industries, including photovoltaic solar panel manufacturing, semiconductor development, and touchscreen manufacturing. Our vast experience in lamination allows us to customize solutions for our customers’ wide-ranging specifications.

Learn more about the lamination process and how we can help you develop the ideal solution for your project.

The Lamination Process

In response to the growth of the U.S. photovoltaic (PV) solar market in 2007, Bent River Machine completed the design of our first laminator, which is still being used today by various start-ups.

Over the years, we upgraded the initial laminator with various design changes. In 2010, we added a PIN mechanism to hold the product off the heat source until the lamination chamber reaches the desired vacuum level. In 2012, we upgraded the HMI and controls of the unit to Beckhoff with Indusoft HMI, allowing for more customizable recipe development. From 2014 to 2015, we added a bi-directional membrane control to limit product shifting during the lamination process.

For every new project, Bent River Machine follows a strict procedure to ensure customer satisfaction and success. Here are the steps of our lamination process:

  1. We sign NDAs with the client to protect the intellectual property of Bent River Machine and the client.
  2. Our team meets with the client to ensure we understand the expected deliverables and outcomes.
  3. The client provides the lamination materials for their product.
  4. We rely on years of lamination experience to review material data sheets of the client’s preferred materials.
  5. We experiment with the client’s input material and various heat, pressure, and time variables.
  6. After developing a successful lamination method, we refine the efficiency and repeatability of the process.
  7. We deliver the balance of materials, the final product, and the step-by-step process guide to the client.


The value of laminators extends beyond the PV solar panel market. Over the years, customers have contacted us to use the laminator for projects as wide-ranging as:

  • Extraterrestrial solar panels
  • Solar-powered roofing
  • Solar-powered mobility
  • Thin films
  • Window technology
  • Semiconductor wafer development
  • LED technology
  • Custom lenses for film and optics equipment
  • Touch screen development
  • Flat screen TVs

Bent River Machine has assisted clients in developing manufacturing processes for a diverse range of industries and has helped create many components in devices that people use daily. Some of our clients include the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, Colorado, and the University of Washington Clean Energy Institute.

Why Choose Bent River Machine for Lamination Process Development

Bent River Machine has over 15 years of experience delivering lamination solutions to various industries. Our expertise in a diverse range of applications has allowed us to develop a unique set of techniques to ensure a repeatable and successful lamination project every time. No other laminator manufacturer in the United States can offer the same level of experience we provide to our clients. It is an honor to participate in our clients’ innovative projects, which are changing the shape of their industries around the globe.

Our team works closely with you to create the ideal lamination solution for your product, developing a recipe that produces the intended results with respect to your goals and input materials.

Lamination From Bent River Machine

Founded in 1978, Bent River Machine has been providing customers with innovative manufacturing solutions, such as custom tooling and automation. Since 2007, we have been refining our laminating services and techniques, becoming the leading laminator in the United States over the last 15 years. We work with many diverse industries and rely on a proven process to deliver the desired lamination outcomes. Bent River Machine has provided lamination solutions for everything from high volume commercial LED technology to precise and durable space-grade solar panels.

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