Along with mechanical and electrical engineering, Bent River also specializes in innovative, cost effective controls engineering services.

Control engineering is the term for everything to do with the control systems of your equipment. This includes the actual motion of the machine, how it’s operated, and how the overall machine performs.

As we build your custom machine, the motion of the system is programmed by one of our controls engineers. They will use tested blocks of code for the standard processes of the machine, and then tie these together to provide for the more unique characteristics needed for your automation.

We have significant experience with many different Programmable Logic Computers (PLC) architectures in our automation. In our own designs, we often specify WAGO and Code Assist. These are universal sets of routines for PLCs. Then, we select the PLC and Human Machine Interface (HMI), in collaboration with our client in order to determine what sort of interface works best for them. This will minimize the time it takes to write the logic for the motion in a machine, and in turn speed the overall building process.