Semiconductor manufacturers rely on semiconductor testing equipment, specifically equipment that conducts functional, structural, and parametric tests. Functional tests confirm that the equipment can successfully carry out its designated function, while structural tests examine the semiconductor for any production-related flaws. Parametric tests determine whether or not the equipment can achieve its correct electrical requirements. Through these three tests, manufacturers can accurately identify and address any issues that could otherwise compromise semiconductor performance.

At Bent River Machine, we specialize in building semiconductor testing equipment and material handling solutions, supporting the semiconductor industry for over 44 years. Read on to learn about the equipment we offer, its advantages, and the manufacturing process.

Our Semiconductor Capabilities & Services

Unlike many other semiconductor testing companies and manufacturers, the team at Bent River Machine works to fully integrate ourselves into your processes to fully understand your product. From that understanding we design, manufacture and integrate solutions that meet your custom testing or material handling needs.

We’ll work closely with you to review all designs and test plans, helping you make key manufacturing decisions so that every semiconductor you produce meets or exceeds your expectations. In this way, we form a strong relationship with our OEM customers.

To provide the best services possible, we start with the following information:

  • Your specific equipment requirements
  • The desired functionality of your equipment
  • The equipment’s intended application(s)
  • Any requirements for certifications and standards

Semiconductor Testing Equipment: A Case Study

One of our client partnerships is with Sonix, a wafer inspection equipment provider serving leading semiconductor chip manufacturers worldwide. Bent River currently manufactures Sonix’s AutoWafer and AutoWafer Pro products. Sonix came to us for help in solving a challenge with custom products. The company sells off-the-shelf equipment for nondestructive testing (NDT) applications, but as Sonix offers equipment customization options, they needed a way to efficiently and cost-effectively reconfigure the equipment for large chip manufacturers.

As an OEM partner, Bent River offered the flexibility and competitive pricing that Sonix was looking for. Our team worked with Sonix to optimize a large number of subassemblies for their products so that they’d be the same, enabling Sonix to pivot if they need to convert one inspection machine into another based on custom orders. We communicate with Sonix weekly to get ahead of any machine orders that require alterations.

Semiconductor Test Equipment by Bent River

Using high-quality semiconductor testing equipment, semiconductor manufacturers can ensure that they maintain a consistent level of quality and reliability in their operation. At Bent River, we aim to be your single source for design and build services for custom automation and tooling. We couple our turnkey solutions with competitive pricing and on-time delivery.

If you require semiconductor testing solutions for your business, the team at Bent River is here to help. Contact us today for more information and find the best equipment to meet your needs.