Bent River Machine is your turn-key solution in the metal manufacturing industry. We purchase, fabricate, assemble, and test so that you know the solution is a success before it hits your door. From 4-axis machining to certified welding, we have the technology and experience to produce the quality required by customers in a wide range of industries, including DOD, Medical, Technology and Semiconductor.

Mechanical and Electrical Assembly

Electrical and mechanical assembly projects involve hundreds of components and require the experience of a trusted professional. Bent River Machine provides comprehensive design, manufacturing, and assembly services for many types of mechanical and electrical equipment. No matter what the scope of your project entails, our facility is equipped to meet your needs, delivering cost-effective solutions in compliance with ISO 9001 QMS standards.


Bent River Machine has a team of engineers that assist in designing each custom project that we take on. Once a project has been proposed and the concept has been designed, every detail is layed out, from the dimensions of the individual pieces to flow of the equipment within the entire manufacturing line. Then, we assign specific tasks to different members of our team and work closely with our customers and vendors to ensure that information is shared and delays are minimized.

Value Add Services

Value-added services are additional services that enhance a company’s core product or service offerings. In industry, common examples include painting, polishing, deburring, inspections, assembly, packaging, and warehousing services. The more efficiently businesses can integrate these tasks into their total production process, the more cost-effective that production becomes. As a result, businesses can pass on these cost savings to customers.

Manufacturing Assessments

At Bent River Machine, we have harnessed our 18 years of automation building experience to create Manufacturing Assessments to aid Clients when they are producing a product or assessing their manufacturing. With clear process steps and focused deliverables for each assessment, Clients can expect quality and cost benefit along with a long-term strategy focused on implementing manufacturing technology.