Automated Solutions, Tooling, and Prototyping for the Tech Industry

In the technology industry, prototyping is a constantly evolving process, drawing from numerous fields to achieve the most accurate and cost-effective solution. Bent River Machine’s experienced technicians have a unique background in tooling, prototyping, and manufacturing automation, providing our partners in the technology sector the means to achieve timely and effective deliverables.

Capabilities and Services

Bent River Machine’s prototyping capabilities are the culmination of several lifetimes of skills and experience. Our background and abilities in the technology industry include:

  • Engineering
  • Factory tooling
  • OEM contract manufacturing
  • Automation

This ensures our tech-sector clients have the right team with the experience to design and/or build the most effective finished prototypes. Our technology clients use our prototyping services for applications as broad as:

  • Automation equipment
  • Manufacturing of sub-assemblies
  • Test equipment
  • Machine manufacturing
  • Packaging
  • Parts handling & feeding
  • Parts inspection & sorting

Customization and Flexibility

When customers are eager to begin manufacturing runs, they need their equipment yesterday. Bent River’s product engineers are very familiar with these time pressures, and we’ve put numerous processes in place to help customers meet their goals and timeframe.

This includes identifying and securing long lead-control components early into the pre-design phase to ensure necessary materials are delivered at the assembly stage. We have access to a robust supplier network, and our capacity planning practices are informed by over four decades of experience.

For the customer, it means significantly decreased lead times, even for the most complex prototyping. We also commit to maintaining flexibility, providing us with the agility and adaptability needed to respond wisely to shifting industry demands.

Quality and Precision

Bent River Machine’s commitment to quality and precision goes well beyond our advanced industry certifications and quality-assurance protocols. Using state-of-the-art technology, we quickly and accurately achieve the high-scale, fully replicable manufacturability our customers need, even from nothing but design specs. With our advanced, well-equipped facility, we’re capable of creating prototypes and finished tooling parts to meet or exceed the exacting tolerance ranges required in the technology sector.

Industry Expertise

Our prototyping engineers and machinists thoroughly understand the unique needs of the technology industry. Combined with our own unique, industries-wide experience, we work effectively and efficiently to serve the demands of even highly specialized technology clients.

For exacting precision and tight QA protocols, we hold several advanced certifications relevant to the technology manufacturing industry:

  • ISO 9001:2015 Registered
  • ITAR Certified
  • NIST 800-171
  • CMMC 2.0

We also consider privacy of the utmost importance for our customers. Our security measures provide clients with total confidentiality, ensuring their trade secrets remain privileged information.

Case Study

Bent River’s engineering and prototype machine development service provided a solution for a client in the 3D printing industry who required a larger tank for their post-finishing process. Working closely with their developers, we co-designed a solution utilizing traditional machining and 3D printing, resulting in a higher-capacity model that decreased the time needed to remove support material, increased output, and achieved higher product quality. Due to our previous successful collaboration with members of their team, the client was confident in our engineering capabilities and machine-manufacturing expertise, leading to their satisfaction with the final product and even selling the alpha machine to their customers on the spot.

Partner with Bent River Machine

If your company needs assistance designing and building a product, leverage Bent River’s 40+ years of manufacturability knowledge and experience to fulfill your product design and prototyping requirements.

Prototyping is an important part of product and machine system design. Bent River Machine’s tech-industry clients know that by partnering with us, they consistently raise quality and cut time to market times, giving them the technical edge needed to stay competitive in their market.

Our tooling and manufacturing experts are standing by to learn about your company’s rapid prototyping needs—contact us, and accelerate the time to full-scale manufacturability.