Bent River Machine has a team of engineers that assist in designing each custom project that we take on. Once a project has been proposed and the concept has been designed, every detail is layed out, from the dimensions of the individual pieces to flow of the equipment within the entire manufacturing line. Then, we assign specific tasks to different members of our team and work closely with our customers and vendors to ensure that information is shared and delays are minimized.

Design and Engineering at Bent River

When it comes to custom automation and tooling, we design, build, test, deliver, and install factory automation for our customers. Our goal is always to help their companies become more efficient and more productive, while minimizing production and labor costs.

Bent River’s engineering team performs a number of different types of engineering during the design phase of our custom building process. To learn more about the functions that our different engineers serve, click through the links below. You can also read through our entire custom automation manufacturing process here for more information.

Mechanical Engineering

Typically, all design projects for manufacturing and factory automation involve a mechanical engineer. Mechanical engineers help design the machine’s hardware, as well as complete different analyses to ensure the design will function as intended.

Control Engineering

Controls engineers plan and program the motion of the machine. Our engineers are experienced in many different PLC architectures and will provide the unique characteristics of your automation.

Electrical Engineering

One of our electrical engineers will create a diagram showing the machine’s electrical flow and controls. Over the years, we’ve devised our own system where blocks of power distribution, safety circuits, and control logic are laid out in a way that reduces the time of the design phase of the project.

Don’t see what you’re looking for?

Then don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have. Bent River Machine, Inc. has several decades of experience in designing, engineering, and building custom automation and tooling for our partners. Our customer service specialists are here to help you with any of our questions, or any support that you may need.