Bent River Machine Inc. provides manufacturing services and solutions for most industries. Our capabilities include producing parts, sub-assemblies, prototypes, and complete turnkey products. Bent River’s electrical, mechanical, and software engineering team works closely with your team to develop innovative products, including equipment to manufacture or assemble medical devices. We offer various medical device equipment contract manufacturing capabilities according to your specifications.

Learn more about our process, our medical equipment contract manufacturing services, and the benefits of working with us.

Benefits of Working With Bent River

Medical device manufacturing companies must adhere to strict quality standards and federal regulations to ensure the production of reliable and safe products. Bent River Machine’s quality team uses numerous resources to guarantee accuracy with our customers’ equipment specifications and comply with all relevant standards. Our ISO 9001-certified quality management system sets the foundation of our daily standard operating procedures (SOPs) and documentation processes. 

Our services for medical companies include:

  • Automation
  • Equipment Design & Manufacture
  • System Integration
  • Testing
  • OEM contract manufacturing

To serve our medical device customers, we have certifications and expertise in accordance with these standards:

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • FDA CFR 21 Quality Systems Regulation

Our Medical Equipment Contract Manufacturing Capabilities

Medical device equipment manufacturers produce advanced surgical instruments, sophisticated diagnostic equipment, consumer products, and more. As an experienced contract manufacturer of medical device assembly equipment, Bent River Machine designs, builds, and assembles equipment to support the demands of the medical device industry. We have the resources and expertise to comply with regulations, and our manufacturing processes focus on quality and reliability.

Here are just some of our many capabilities:

  • Medical device assembly automation
  • Custom packaging and filling equipment
  • Case packaging and palletizing
  • OEM mechanical and electrical assemblies
  • Medical device manufacturing

Our Process

Bent River offers leading contract manufacturing services to medical companies. Our optimized production process allows us to deliver consistently high-quality products while reducing lead times.

First, we receive drawings provided by the customer and review them closely to ensure accurate quoting. Then, our quality control, fabrication, planning, and logistics teams review the design and evaluate any associated risks. As we move into prototyping and production, we collaborate regularly with customers to ensure that we develop and build products that meet their requirements and further their goals.

Medical Device Contract Manufacturing By Bent River

Bent River Machine Inc. provides clients with leading fabricaJedecdueltion expertise and regulatory-compliant manufacturing services to build a successful contract manufacturing partnership. As a full-service medical device contract manufacturing company with years in operation, we have an extensive number of resources to help with the development of your specific product. Our knowledge and resources enable us to efficiently and properly manufacture innovative medical devices from concept to delivery.

At Bent River Machine, we are committed to designing, developing, and manufacturing innovative medical devices that meet our clients’ quality, reliability, performance, design, and safety requirements. Contact us today to speak to a member of our team for more information.