At Bent River, we design, build, and integrate custom factory automation and tooling for our customers. We have several decades of experience in engineering and integrating the solutions that our customers need.

What is factory automation?

At its most basic level, factory automation is an incorporation of automated systems into an existing manufacturing process or processes. This includes a part-automated and part-manual process, a single, fully automated machine in a line, and fully automated production lines.

What are the benefits of factory automation?

There are a number of benefits of integrating automation into your manufacturing processes. Efficiency and quality are the most commonly cited advantages to factory automation. However, automation can also improve the safety and security of the machinists running the shop, while still maximizing productivity and profitability.

Factory automation can also reduce waste and as a result, make manufacturing much more sustainable in the long run. This also can reduce your costs because you’ll be able to calculate exactly how much material you’ll need for each project.

What types of factory automation does Bent River provide?

Bent River Machine Inc offers all levels of factory automation. Our services are geared towards improved productivity, quality, consistency, and safety, as well as reducing production costs and time.

We are especially experienced in custom automation and tooling. Customization is especially beneficial, as it allows you to have automated machinery that is suited to your products’ specific requirements and restrictions.

Ready to get started?

Custom automation is Bent River’s specialty. Whether you’re ready to get started on your project, or you have more questions for our team, don’t hesitate to Contact Us today. We have decades of experience at your disposal for custom automation and tooling.