Bent River Machine has been providing manufacturing solutions for our customers since 1978. We are an experienced contract manufacturer, able to supplement any gap in your production process.

What is Contract Manufacturing?

The term Contract Manufacturing can often be used for a wide variety of manufacturing relationships, and some manufacturing companies may interpret it differently than others. That’s why we want to be entirely clear how we define Contract Manufacturing here at Bent River.

To us, contract manufacturing suggests a contract to build one or more units, but not with a typical production process like our work with OEM companies. Our contract manufacturing process begins when another company brings us a nearly complete design for a product. They know what they want and how it should be built. This is also referred to as ‘build-to-print’ manufacturing.

Build-to-Print Manufacturing

In the world of contract manufacturing, there are two major types: build-to-print and design-and-spec. The main difference between them is that in design-and-spec, the manufacturer assists with the design. In build-to-print, which is the main type of contract manufacturing that we offer, the customer has already made up the design, as well as any other important specifications.

They then approach a manufacturing company like Bent River Machine to execute their plan. We in turn make or procure parts for the final product, assemble those parts together, and complete a final integration of the product into their facility. The need for this type of service often results in the customer having a gap in their manufacturing process, and we build a product to supplement that gap.

What to Expect With Contract Manufacturing:

Typically the process begins when a company provides Bent River with a complete set of documentation. Sometimes the contracting company will have a set of complete mechanical drawings but require us to work out the final schematics or controls. Our ability to fill in any gaps in our customer’s process is the biggest advantage we have to offer companies interested in contracting manufacturing.

Another service we offer to companies through contract manufacturing is taking a prototype and transitioning it for manufacturing. Companies give us their product and ask us to find ways to make manufacturing the product cost effective and more robust. They also may need help actually finalizing all the documentation, which we offer. When the product fits their needs they can take it and produce it in their own facility. This is something that Bent River Machine has done for quite a few customers, very successfully.

We understand that our contract customer desires the most cost effective, yet robust system that is able to be manufactured. We’ve encountered companies that can manufacture part of the design, but have some difficulties with finishing the product in a consistent, repeatable manner. At Bent River, we work hard to ensure that the entire production process runs smoothly, but that our solution is always working to meet our customer’s goals.

Choose Bent River as your contract manufacturer

Our experience designing, building and validating machines is a very valuable resource for manufacturing companies. If we are contracted to provide a prototype or prototype documentation we also provide complete bills of materials, and detailed lists of the different pieces comprising the product. We are meticulous about including all details, however obscure, needed to ensure that the contract customer can easily manufacture their product in the future.

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