Bent River Machine is your turn-key solution in the metal manufacturing industry. We purchase, fabricate, assemble, and test so that you know the solution is a success before it hits your door. From 4-axis machining to certified welding, we have the technology and experience to produce the quality required by customers in a wide range of industries, including DOD, Medical, Technology and Semiconductor.

Since 1978, Bent River Machine has been a counted-on partner in precision machining in Arizona and across the United States; providing quality parts, assemblies, and machines to match our customers’ design specifications. Whether you need services in Contract Manufacturing, Prototyping, or Tooling, Bent River can help you.

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Contract Manufacturing

The term ‘contract manufacturing’ is often widely used, and its definition often widely varying across the manufacturing industry. Bent River views contract manufacturing as a contract to build a nearly complete design that another company brings to us.



We specialize in print-to-part prototyping, or what we like to call, new to the world. Meaning that it will be the first time a part our clients designed will be manufactured. We excel at low volume, mid to high complexity manufacturing projects, turning a concept into reality.


Tooling & Ground Support Equipment

Bent River Machine can engineer, design, fabricate, build, and install a range of custom tooling, from large and complex projects that require several months of work, to simple, quick projects that can be completed within a few days.


State-of-the-art Equipment

Bent River owns and maintains a range of equipment for precision machining services and fabrication. Our talented and experienced staff are regularly updated on their operation and maintenance and are well-versed in their respective services.

Our list of equipment includes:

  • HAAS VF-6SS X64 Y32 Z30
  • HAAS VF-3YT X40 Y26 Z25
  • HAAS VF-3YBT X40 Y26 Z25
  • HAAS VF-3SS X40 Y20 Z25
  • HAAS VF-2SS X30 Y16 Z20
  • Mastuura RA3 X31 Y17 Z14
  • Mastuura 510 Vertical
  • 3 Manual Mills X31 Y14 Z24
  • Hitachi-sieki HT-20 CNC Lathe
  • CNC Plasma X48 Y96 Z1
  • Harding Tooling Lathe
  • Vibratory Polisher
  • Harig Surface Grinder
  • 15 Ton Press Brake – Y 121 Z0.875
  • Shear – 1/8”
  • Horizontal & Vertical Band Saws
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • Welding – Mig & Tig
  • Engraved Labels, Tags

Our welders are currently certified to AWS D1.1 and D1.6. With a Certified Welding Inspector on-site we can certify to others required.

Choose Bent River for your fabrication needs

Bent River Machine, Inc. is a world-class precision machine job shop specializing in full-service machining, milling and turning. We have everything you’ll need for a turn-key solution. For more information or to request a quote, you can contact us today.