System integration is an important part of factory design and development. Proper integration of system components will ensure that the entire line functions together without any hold ups or down time.

At Bent River, system integration begins with the project specification. Whether the line is assembling, testing, packing or all three, we’ll make sure the chosen equipment will function smoothly as a unified line.

Once your project is manufactured and procured, we perform mechanical and electrical integration. After the system is installed the real work begins, making all the subsystems talk to one another and “handshake”. Post programming, extensive testing and checkout will occur to ensure correct operation and recovery.

Our service goes beyond just building and installation. Before our team departs your facility, employees will be trained on operation and maintenance. We also will assist you with any technical support, modifying the controls to make them more user friendly if needed, and other important details.

Have any questions?

Bent River Machine system integration services brings together multiple subsystems into one system, ensuring that the entire line functions together. If you have any questions, or you’re ready to get started, don’t hesitate to Contact Us today.