The Bent River team provides high-quality electrical engineering services for projects of all sizes. We have years of automation experience and have used that experience to devise a new system of designing the electrical and power distribution of our custom builds.

One of our electrical engineers creates a block diagram, as illustrated below, representing the flow of the machine’s electrical layout and its controls. The blocks represent power distribution, as well as details such as safety circuits and control logic.

Then, the engineer selects the necessary components according to the way they are connected with a schematic. Using these standard building blocks we can quickly design reliable equipment, as it demonstrates the machine’s functionality and power distribution in an easy-to-read format.

We use the software, Visio, to document and design the electrical distribution. This is a powerful system that gives your field support or maintenance technicians a dynamic tool out in the field or on the production floor to diagnose problems and replace parts. We use Visio in a similar way–diagnosing potential problems early on and finding ways to fix them. By using Visio to design the power distribution for our builds, we can also provide you with a reliable document of the electrical components of the machine for later reference.

We’ve found a number of benefits to using this system of block diagrams to design the power distribution and electrical components of our builds. Not only does this system reduce design time, making the entire building process much quicker, but it also increases the robustness of the machine down the line.