What is Reshoring?

Reshoring is a term for a business bringing their manufacturing back to the United States from overseas, in other words it is the opposite of offshoring.

Who is Aurinco?

Aurinco is a company that manufactures solar panels for sailboats. Their products allow sailboat owners to have a renewable source of green power instead of using a generator. With the high prices of gas today more and more sailboat owners are realizing the benefits of having solar panels on their boats.

Laminator Reshoring Aurinco

The owner of Aurinco, Patrik Swanljung , had been manufacturing in China for several years. Recently he started to look for a way to bring his manufacturing back to the United States. He was frustrated in his effort because he could not find a way to laminate his solar panels.

In the summer of 2012 Mr. Swanljung, contacted and later visited Bent River Machine to look into the Solar Laminators Bent River builds. After some investigation Patrick discovered that Bent River’s solar laminators would allow him to reshore his bussiness by providing him a way to laminate his solar panels.

Today Aurinco is in the final stages of reshoring their business and soon the company’s manufacturing will be completely in the United States. If you are interested in Aurinco’s products please visit their website.

How can Bent River Machine help you reshore?

Bent River Machine is very committed to helping companies’ ether reshore or begin manufacturing in the United States.

Reshoring Aurinco

We specialize in designing and manufacturing innovative technology that allows you to optimize your production potential and ensure your success. Our team of experienced engineers can design revolutionary new technology to aid you in production or find new processes to maximize your full manufacturing potential.

If you are interested in our solar panel laminators please feel free to reach out to our friendly staff or give us a call at 928.634.7568.

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