Recently huge innovations have been made in the development of advanced medical technologies, many of which are due to the melding of our ever advancing technology and amazing discoverers in field of healthcare. A few years ago the idea of giving sight to the permanently blind was considered impossible, or a miracle, but today stem cells are allowing people to gain eyesight, thought to be lost forever! And that is just one example of the amazing advancements occurring today.

But what exactly does the world of engineering, and precision machining have to do with these exciting advancements? Quite a bit actually, recently extensive progress has been made in neuroprosthetics, transplants into neurons that repair damage done by accidents or trauma, due to development in the technological field of advance bionics.

Bent River Machine is proud to have assisted several companies in developing new technologies that will further the treatments and function of the medical field, especially in the subdivision of American Medical Technology. Medical precision products require a level of accuracy and quality that our team has had extensive training with. Our machinists perform to a high level of accuracy, and are expected to attain perfection in exactitude.  Our team has been in and out of hospitals and other medical and research facilities testing, and implementing custom medical tooling, for years. Bent River has also modified their various Jedec Tray Handlers and AUER  Boat Handlers to have medical applicability.

Jedec Tray Handler

One of the medical projects we have been privileged to work on took us in an operating room with the chief surgeon of a prominent hospital, during a time when the operating room was not in use. We were studying space constraints, ergonomics, and critical accessories vital to the level of perfection needed by a surgeon. The experience was very instructive to our team and we feel much more confident in our ability to create a product to meet the medical needs of a hospital team, because of the opportunity.

At Bent River Machine we are proud to offer world class manufacturing solutions for your success, especially if you need assistance in the development of new medical technological advancements.

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